About Us


Mission Statement – Friends for African Development (FAD) is a non-profit organization working collaboratively with African communities to achieve sustainable development, focusing on water, education and Christian formation.

In the foreseeable future we will continue to be involved in:

1. Educational projects in the form of donations for students, the purchase of materials for schools and other such educational endeavors.
2. Providing medical and health support through education and the acquiring of supplies for the local communities.
3. Small donations for economic development
4. Community leadership training, and development.
5. Support the local church through education, training, and resources.
6. Continue to assist the communities with clean water projects for both people and livestock.



William Brown
Justin Caplan
Benson P. Fraser
Bob Thornton
Jim Ward
Diane Wenz
Lee Woodard

FAD Board Members

FAD is partnering with the LOOCIP Community devoting time and resources to the Maasai in Tanzania. Working alongside local Christians in the Longido District, we are helping to provide the necessary resources for their spiritual and physical development.

Where does FAD work?

If you are reading this, you may be interested in helping. You can make a difference. People’s lives can be changed and life-giving water, both spiritual and natural, can be offered to the people in this community.

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