Fund a Current Project

Fight the Famine in Tanzania

Because of severe drought, people in the Longido district are currently facing the daily decision to feed themselves or their livestock (their livelihood). Can you provide a bag of grain to a family?

Summer 2023 Ministry Trip

Sponsor the team or someone you know to travel to Tanzania this Summer, visiting Maasai communities for ministry and a look at our completed projects!

Sponsor a Special Needs Student

Six children with special needs cannot afford school fees on their own – can you sponsor one of them?

Magadini Pipeline Repair

The village of Magadini’s main source of fresh, clean water has broken. Can you help us replace it with a sturdier system?

Water Tanks for Karao and Intaleta

In two villages without any access to clean water, we’re partnering to build huge water reserve tanks to provide this basic need.

Medical Supplies for Rural Clinics

Villagers in remote communities have extremely limited access to medical care. With your help, we can furnish three new clinics with basic medical supplies.