Completed Projects

Seven Pipelines

FAD contributed to the fund raising for  7 major pipeline projects that brought clean mountain spring water into rural communities and the lowlands.

Over 36,000 people benefit from these water projects in Eng’aboli, Intaleta, Lerangwa, Olmolog, Engarenaibor Primary School, Losiaiti, and Karao/Elang’ata-engopito.  A wonderful unintended consequence  water provides is the transformation of village life where Churches, Schools and community evolve.

Ingutot Building Project

With the help of our supporters we provided the funding of this building for the Ingutot Maasai community! Used as a classroom during the week and a Church on the weekends, this project is helping us provide ministry, education, and hope to Tanzania.

Nine Preschools

As of 2023, our supporters have supported the teachers for nine preschools in remote Maasai communities within Longido. Early childhood education is fundamental in breaking the poverty cycles in third-world countries! Many of these schools are now self-sustainable financially.

FAD-funded preschools serve 780 each year in these areas: Ingutot/Kale, Mbarangati, Laararoi, Entirima, Lodung’oro, Loondolwo, Ewas namanaa, Ngailupa, Engusero

Church Building Fundraisers

We have partnered with many Churches in the Longido District to construct churches throughout the Longido District to spread the love of Christ to over 15,000 people. We have contributed to the building of 7 churches in Tanzania!

Kilimanjaro Climb for a Cause!

In 2021, a group of Friends for African Development gathered sponsorships to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in awareness of the need for fresh, clean water in Tanzania.


MELOC Academy

Our partners in Tanzania, PM Steven and Agnes Kiruswa, had a vision to launch a facility where handicapped and talented children could come to get the education they need. The school now educates, feeds, and supports over 180 students each year from nursery school to 5th grade.

Discipleship and Evangelism Gatherings

Since our founding, FAD has hosted several large gatherings in Longido to provide ministry and discipleship support. These include women’s conferences, local Pastor’s conferences and a Regional Pastors Conference that bring a multitude of people from nearby Kenya.

Ndung’eta Well

In this very remote part of the Longido District, your support helped us dig a water well that now briggs water to a very large area. FAD’s donations helped provide infrastructure for the water tank, a generator to pump it, and piping to distribute.

Micro Business Support

FAD has been thrilled to provide grants to micro business endeavors in under-resourced communities throughout Tanzania. Funded projects include new inventions, a restaurant, sustainable gardens, and livestock projects.

Famine Relief

Tanzania has been undergoing a severe drought and resulting famine. Your donations have helped us provide over 20 tons of food to communities who have nothing to eat – a donation which was matched by the Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture.