1. Provide safe, clean water to the 49 communities in the Longido area of Tanzania for improved quality of life and economic development.
  2. Strengthen the local Church by educating and strengthening the Christian Pastors and Church Leaders serving the Maasai community.
  3. Support the community by providing education to all ages via grants, teachers, material and training.
  4. Expand the Meloc Academy with three additional classrooms to accommodate 75 more students in the Longido community.
Lerata/Enkiloriti Water Project

Lerata/Enkiloriti Water Project

Meloc Academy Expansion

Meloc Academy Expansion Project


With the help of generous donations and many volunteers we have accomplished:

  • Coordinated the visit of over 100 volunteers to serve the Maasai over the last 10 years.
  • Completed two deep water well projects complete with water tanks, pumps, human and livestock water source locations. These wells have been in operation now for several years and provide clean water for over 10,000 people.
  • Currently coordinating a number of additional projects to bring fresh water across the land via piping from a mountain water source.
  • We sponsor large annual gatherings where thousands of Maasai meet for discipleship and evangelism.
  • Thus far we have raised and forwarded over $600,000 in funds to support various Maasai related projects.
  • Multiple micro-business endeavors have been funded ranging from a restaurant, sustainable gardens and livestock projects.
  • Sponsoring of 11 teachers and six schools in the Longido district.  The students helped are well in to the hundreds. Most schools have 40 – 60 students currently.  Many students have already moved on to higher education.
  • Preschool education program trains more than 350 students per year.