Third Well Project

This year there has been a serious shortage of water for most people living in the Longido district of Tanzania. Consequently, the need for water is crucial in this community. This has been a difficult time for many in the Longido district as water is in short supply and the rains have provided little relief. The first two wells FAD has drilled are both working and providing needed water to thousands of people and their cattle but the need is great in other areas of the district. So based on the success of these first two projects we are now beginning a new water project in a nearby community that is seriously in need of clean water. It will take some time but the community is behind this project and the need is great.

At the request of the local community in Tanzania and LOOCIP (our local partner in Tanzania), the FAD board has deterred that it is time to begin drilling our third well. Therefore, in conjunction with LOOCIP we have asked government surveyors to locate a viable site for the third well and this fall we expect to begin drilling the well. The local community is active and contributing funds, time and materials in order helping to provide water for their community.

The community leaders, along with LOOCIP, have taken seriously their role of overseeing and support of this project. However the community is asking for financial assistance help them complete the project. FAD‘s board has meet and decided to help the community with this project. He two existing wells that we helped the Maasai communities to establish have been highly successful projects and are currently in heavy us. We are confident that another well partnership also will be successful.

We have the funds to accomplish the first phase of the project but we need additional funds to provide a pump and storage tank to complete the project. We need an additional $20,000.00 to provide the community with a high yielding well that will serve thousands of people. Your contribution will mean life and hope to the Maasai living in Tanzania. Thanks you for considering what role you might be able to play in this endeavor.


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