Climbing Kilimanjaro with Justin Caplan – Part 10

Sometimes even the strongest of us could use a helping hand.

One of the most touching moments occurred after our night-long journey to the Kilimanjaro summit. You think that you’re done when you reach Stella Point, but actually, you’re not. You have about another hour to reach Uhuru Peak, which is the highest summit.

So imagine walking all night, and then you get to this beautiful sunrise coming up over Africa.

I had read about the highest summit and was determined to conquer it. But I was walking really slowly because the air that high only has 49% of the oxygen available compared to sea level.

I wasn’t out of breath or anything, but every step you take requires so much effort.

One of the porters noticed me, and he very quietly came alongside me and grabbed my arm. He walked the rest of the way with me like this.

I’ll never forget that moment – how I felt for someone to offer support without me even saying a word. 

I think it’s a lesson we can all strive to learn. 

Look for ways to support others without them ever having to ask for your help.

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