Climbing Kilimanjaro with Justin Caplan – Part 4

This picture is of the gear that we were required to bring.

It’s all packed in plastic bags, which protects it from dampness and helps separate items so you can easily find things.

They gave us an entire page of required gear. But it was more than the purchasing of the equipment and arranging it properly. 

One of the most challenging parts was getting comfortable wearing the gear.

Anyone who has experience with cold weather knows that it’s all about layering.

As a novice, I learned a ton about how to stay warm on the mountain.

We started in the rainforest at 70℉. But we ended up at the crest of the mountain, where it was 4℉ when you accounted for the chill factor!

But honestly, I never felt that cold because all of our preparation paid off.

The guides would tell us what we would need for the next day. Then we would find the right plastic bag with the gear required for that particular day’s hike. The bags were also essential to keep the clean items separate from the dirty ones.

Months of preparation equipped us to go the distance.

We can apply the same principle in life. The more prepared we are for any challenge, the greater the likelihood we will be successful.

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