Climbing Kilimanjaro with Justin Caplan – Part 6

It was astounding to see the amount of weight the porters would carry. They typically had a large backpack along with a tent or pail of items, and sometimes something else on their head or shoulders!

Not only did they carry massive amounts of weight, but they were fast. The crew hustled past us, so they could set up camp before we got there.

We will be forever grateful for this group.  Without them, we could have NEVER made it to the summit.

If anything ever spoke to the importance of support staff, it was this expedition.

We had nine people in our group who had the goal to hike to the Uhuru peak, which is the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro.

But for those nine hikers, we had 39 support staff!

Our support system consisted of these fantastic crew members:

  • Two waiters
  • Two chefs 
  • Two people to set up camps
  • Two restroom carriers
  • Four guides 
  • 27 porters

We all agreed that they were all the hardest-working people we’ve ever seen in our lives.

For those in the mortgage business, we all know that it takes an incredible support team to help us deliver the levels of service that keep bringing our clients back.

Thank you to everyone who works behind the scenes.

We see you.

We appreciate you!

#AtlanticBayCares  #GivingBack #KilimanjaroSeries

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