Climbing Kilimanjaro with Justin Caplan – Part 7

On day four, we stopped for lunch at a 300-foot formation of volcanic rock called Lava Tower.

Two people with hiking experience read that climbing Lava Tower is considered a “Rock Scramble.” This term is defined as “A method of ascending rocky faces and ridges. Scrambles can be steep and often require climbing over cracks.”

A team member saw me eyeing the tower. Nicole said, “Justin, this is probably the only opportunity in your whole life that you will have to scale Lava Tower.”

So off we went: 2 experienced rock climbers, 2 inexperienced climbers, and 2 guides.

One of the extraordinary moments was when the same team member who encouraged me to go began struggling with the vertical rock wall. She shared, “I have a terrible fear of heights!”

She confided that she came on the Kili climb and was tackling Lava Tower to overcome her fears.

I can’t tell you how much respect I have for Nicole Shelton. She had to make hard choices every time fear reared its ugly head.

We learned we could conquer significant obstacles with the help of others and by taking one step at a time.

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